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Shouldn't you have your own media experts as you work with your media agency ?

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Who We Are

We are client media advocates who are career media professionals. Our role is to provide client marketers with deep media insights that will result in smarter, more strategic media decisions that can improve brand ROI.


What We Do

We are flexible in how we work with clients. 

  1. We can sit behind the scenes and review agency work resulting in insights and recommendations for moving forward.
  2. We can interact directly with media agencies since we speak their language. We can take client marketing and/or advertising goals and translate them into actionable, accountable media goals.
  3. We can level the playing field in media areas where the degree of agency expertise puts the client at a disadvantage. For example, digital media, programmatic, OTT, addressable. linear TV.
  4. We can manage the mundane but necessary elements of client media management such as checking the accuracy of agency billing.
  5. We can create and manage agency reviews to maximize the likelihood of long term success.


How We Help

We help by performing  as the external media department for client marketers who recognize the need to fill that role in order to maximize the effectiveness of their media spend.


Featured Services

Complete Media Advocate


THE LINDERMAN MEDIA GROUP functions as the external client media department. As your advocate, we perform all client media functions as defined by the client and are responsible and accountable to the client internally.

Partial Media Advocate


THE LINDERMAN MEDIA GROUP focuses on those specific media areas considered by the client to require expert media insights in order to level the playing field with the agency.

Media Management


Our media management skills traverse from the strategic to the everyday. THE LINDERMAN MEDIA GROUP recognizes that the limited resources available to many clients cause some of the more simple but very necessary functions to be overlooked. We fulfill important roles such as matching agency media invoices.  We have learned to adapt to client legacy processes.

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We love helping marketers who recognize the importance of managing their media spend by having advocates who are at least as smart as their agencies.


Vernon Hills, IL